Strong servers, customer friendly services


I believe everyone can appreciate the need to stay online and always present. This is even more important for eCommerce companies that have a need for stable connections as well as a product that can keep them there no matter what. Here comes the debate for strong servers and how important they are for everyone that wants to stay relevant in the NOW era.

Strong servers are a must!

Yes it is understandable that the company that hosts your website has the technology it needs for your website to be secure and up and running at all times.


Customer Service and Servers

I believe there is just as much a need for customer service from hosting companies as much as the strength of their servers. Take a look at GoDaddy and their superb customer service record. Most even argue that GoDaddy is not up to par with the highest level of hosting technology and fall behind other companies. If that is the case then why are they consistently in the top of the market. TV ads and commercials can only do so much, customer service is the glue that holds everything together.

All companies especially those that have an enormous amount of competition should make their customers not just feel safe but treasured as well. This is my tip for all companies as businesses and that is to make your customers your priority.

The live chat feature is simple, available and employ staff that are quick to respond and knowledgeable. They also have a huge FAQ section and everything is built around the customer. Not to mention tools design for up and coming designers to stake their claim as well. This is the reason that most stay and continue to praise GoDaddy.




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